The hunting journey

At Casasola the staff will take care of every detail. An expert team of beaters, secretaries, loaders, waiters and kitchen staff, willing to serve the guests, will make every shooting day a great experience.  

The hunting day at Casasola always begins with the typical hunt breakfast: “migas”, eggs, sponge cakes, bacon, ham... served in the lodge, a beautiful XIXth Century country house. The gardens and the pool provide a fresh environment in warm weather.


















The outfitter performs the “tomelot” or drawings of positions. In a hunting journey there can be up to four or five drives. The shooters rotate their positions in each drive, keeping the order established by the draw. The group can have a minimum of three shooters per day, and a maximum of ten. Accompanying guests may also enjoy the hunting journey, or they can choose an alternative tourist day, a walk astride or going shopping. The daily allotment will be a bag of 500 birds. At the end of every drive, the fallen birds are retrieved and a total countdown is performed.



Two professional helpers assist the shooter in the blind: a secretary and a loader. They carry the material, load the two guns keeping them ready for the next shot, count and mark down the fallen birds, and retrieve the partridges at the end of the drive. After the shoot, the loader is also responsible for gun cleaning.    


A cold drink is served at the end of every drive. While loaders and secretaries retrieve the fallen birds, the shooters chat and compare notes and results. At the end of the second drive it’s time for the “taco”, one of the unique pleasures of the journey. The staff prepare chairs and a table, and load it with omelette, ham, cheese, sandwiches and other “tapas”, Rioja wine, cold beer and other beverages. While the guests enjoy the delicious snack, the  partridges hunt in the drive are laid out in rows and sets (Tableau). 


At the end of the journey hunters go back to the country house. A delicious dinner in served in a relaxed atmosphere. Using only high-quality products, the outfitter’s wife combines traditional Spanish recipes and more sophisticated dishes. The menu includes Gazpacho, Paella, Fabada, Cocido, partridge, fresh salads and other specialities.