The Spanish red-legged partridge, Alectoris rufa, is a beautiful and strong bird, due to its impressive flight, it is very appreciated by shooters. The flight speed and highness depend on the terrain and wind. A hilly country allows high and fast flights, providing the most challenging drives. Casasola offers an excellent rugged and brushy terrain, where partridges fly over 40m high. Natural blinds and the contour help taking advantage of wind direction.


             The difficulty of the shooting is determined to a great extent by the lay of the land. The easiest shooting is on flat land. However, the great lovers of driven partridge shooting always prefer to shoot on rough, uneven ground. Partridges come from high hills or from cliffs, and fly away from beaters and over shooters positioned down the fall line of the hill or in deep draws or arroyos. Wind affects flight speed. The most spectacular drives take place in a cold day, which stimulates the birds to fly faster, and with crosswind. Casasola, known for its high-quality partridges and its unbeatable shooting conditions, attracts every year excellent shooters from all over the world. 


























Shooting season opens in September and closes in March. Large releases of partridges are made during the summer, and the released birds mingle with the wild birds. By the opening of the season they have fully reverted to wild condition, flying high and fast.


             A good hunting day depends very much on drives rhythm and variety. Casasola offers up to three completely different journeys, for shooters willing to try all the drives.

They are all different and challenging, thus allowing varied gun-swing: partridges will fly high, law, crossing ... 

Red partridge drive